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Dating Investigations

Let’s face it; it is not as simple to date today as it was even a few years ago. Society became increasingly mobile and with the explosive growth of the internet, the number of cases of dating fraud is skyrocketing. People can create new identities within minutes, and many individuals create multiple identities.

Studies have repeatedly demonstrated that the vast majority of those on social media exaggerate. Unfortunately, some people really exaggerate. These individuals are highly skilled and likable sociopaths with dark secrets. Some have multiple wives, some have a criminal history for sexual violence, and some are mired in debt while squatting in a foreclosed mansion. Additionally, some pedophiles feign interest in people in order to gain access to their children.

Let us help you. We are highly skilled at these covert investigations and we are very discreet. We even created a variety of social media identities in order to facilitate our investigations.