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Nanny Screening

When hiring a nanny it is vital to obtain a detailed background investigation. Such background investigations include a check of civil and criminal court records, a DMV history, sex offender registry, a credit check when authorized, and a verification of their social security number, their education, and their references. Investigations can also include social media, which often portrays a much more accurate snapshot of the applicant than what is portrayed during a job interview. Here is what the internet based background investigation firms and many placement firms fail to mention. There is no such thing as a U.S. background investigation that can be performed off of the internet. Yet many internet firms will claim that is exactly what they perform.

Here are the facts. Many counties, including Los Angeles County, do not sell their civil and criminal records to data aggregators and brokers. These records must be ascertained directly from the courts. The California DMV does not provide records to those internet data brokers either. The DMV will only release records to licensed private investigators that have an account with the DMV. Therefore, internet based background investigations overlook a host of disturbing information each and every day.

For example, there may not be enough evidence to bring an individual arrested for child molestation to a criminal trial. Instead they may be tried civilly because the burden of proof is lower. Since only criminal convictions and not civil judgments are reported, this person would not be in the sex offender registry and he or she would not have a criminal record. Only a detailed background investigation would uncover the red flags noted during the civil trial.

At Mandala Investigations, our levels of professionalism, experience and integrity set us apart from other agencies. We thoroughly scour all available resources and we will provide you with a written report stating exactly what searches were performed.